Monday, September 3, 2012

book review: insignificant by chris travis

Insignificant is a book about finding significance in the everyday things you do and how they work into God's plan for you.  Chris Travis, the author of the book, is the pastor of Everyday Christian Church in Manhattan but before that he was a middle school teacher in the toughest school in NYC.  He writes about his teaching experience and how it affected his walk in faith.  I, for one, really appreciated his honesty.  One of the big things in my faith is to be honest.  If you're having a tough time, admit it.  If you're having trouble believing, admit it.  And Travis does.  His honesty was very refreshing to me.  He struggled in his years of teaching and he wrote very openly about it.  He also wrote how he felt like he was truly doing God's work in that middle school classroom.  Which I also found refreshing.  That's not really a job title that you would associate with "doing God's work".  In the book he explains how he truly felt that he was doing significant work for the Lord instead of just showing up for work each day and going through a lesson plan.  He goes on to explain how you can change your mindset from "just doing your job" or "just getting through this day" into doing intentional, significant work for the God that created you. 

I enjoyed reading this book.  While some of the concepts were not earth shattering there were a lot of reminders for things that I too often forget.  It was nice to stop and mull some of these points over (for instance; changing diapers and reminding kids about their manners will pay off and I am serving a higher power) and hopefully I won't forget those but keep them tucked into my memory.  I recommend this book for anyone searching for significance in their life or someone who needs to be reminded that the small things do matter.

(I received a free copy of Insignificant from Bethany House and agreed to read and review the book online.)

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