Wednesday, June 13, 2012

your daily quote

Bear with me...this one's a little wordy...

Religion is not meant to punish us: it is meant to set us free from guilt, anxiety and discord.  This is what we teach our children in the South.  We accommodate changing times through unchanging principles.  We embrace the future, without forgetting the past.  In the South, life is like a tree.  The branches shelter us from the tragedies and sorrows of life, but ultimately we have to grow.  Seeds are placed within us: the seeds of hope, love and forgiveness.

Hope never dies, always bringing back joy and keeping peace in our hearts.  Grits know that religion is life itself--that quiet escape from the daily grind that has the power to set you free.  It is the desire and wherewithal to change the world around you.  Your denomination doesn't matter.  Your faith doesn't matter.  It's the love in your heart that counts.

Deborah Ford, The GRITS Guide to Life

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