Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the ramblings of a 3 year old

So three year olds say some pretty funny things and I've decided that y'all may want to join in the fun.  Monday was apparently "invasion of personal space" day.  Here's how the morning started; B (the 3 year old boy I watch) has been interested in taste buds lately.  He thinks they're the most amazing things in the world this past week.  So I was holding him looking out the window Monday morning and here we go:

B: Jessi, show me those bump things on your tongue.
Me: Taste buds?  (Sticks out tongue)
B: Yeah! (Also sticks out tongue so I can investigate his taste buds)
B: Let's fight with our tongues!
Me: UMMM NO!  (quickly lowers child to the floor, like immediately!) Let's go watch a TV show!
B: (completely confused look but also really excited to watch TV)

(later that afternoon)

B: Jessi, do you have a baby?
Me: What do you mean B?  You know I don't have a baby.
B: No, like in your tummy, do you have a baby?
Me: No, sorry B.
B: Hmmm I really wish you had a baby in your tummy.

Bless his little heart.  I wish I could think of more things that he says because he really catches me off guard sometimes.  Oh and he sneezed the other day and said he had allergies just like me.  Uh huh.

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