Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the avengers

We went to see this last night.  I know, I know.  You're probably wondering if you even know me anymore.  Where is the girl who loves romcoms, pink, sparkles, cupcakes (and pink sparkly cupcakes), shoes, clothes, and all things completely girly?  Who is this new girl that likes medieval fantasy series, superhero action movies and all this boy stuff?!  But y'all, it was INCREDIBLE!  As in Incredible Hulk.  Come on, it was right there, waiting for me.  No, but seriously, I loved it.  And yes I was surprised too, as in surprised that I loved it.  Well, let's rewind here.  Months ago we rented Thor and honestly I only agreed to it as a favor to John.  Then surprisingly I really enjoyed it.  And Chris Hemsworth wasn't too hard on the eyes either.  Just pointing out the obvious here.  So when I saw that The Avengers was coming out and the previews looked somewhat appealing I announced to John that I would be interested in seeing it.

The movie was action packed (duh), pretty funny, well written and (spoiler) the good guys win!  Also, I discovered that I kinda love Captain America.  I mean, he's like the first superhero and was frozen in time during (after? still sketchy on the details) WWII which means he's old fashioned, which I love!!  And Chris Evans (who plays Captain America) was easy on the eyes as well.  Thor, you've got competition.  Robert Downey Jr. did not disappoint in the arrogant funny guy role.  I actually enjoyed Scarlett Johansson's kick butt character.  I decided Hawkeye is clearly Katniss's big brother (John corrected me and said he would be her great great great great great grandfather.  Touche.  *geek humor*).  And the Hulk was crazayyy y'all!

So I highly suggest you go see it.  If you're into the superhero, action, wars, kicking butt and taking names kinda thing.  Heck, even if you're not, you may enjoy it.  Who knows, you may carefully walk over on to the dark side (come join me!) and enjoy these kinds of movies.

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