Saturday, May 5, 2012


So, I came down with double pink eye (pink eye in both eyes, duh, when I told my dad I think he thought I was being extra dramatic saying that it was doubly bad, so I figured I'd explain it to y'all).  And let me tell you something; (1) I haven't had pink eye since I was a kid (I mean really, do adults really get it? Yes.) and (2) that stuff is no joke, like you look nasty, your eyes itch and they're super goopy.  So I started showing symptoms Thursday afternoon and just figured that my eye was irritated or something because surelyIcouldnthavepinkeye.  Idiot.  I asked my nurse friend at Bible study that night what the heck was happening to me and she confirmed that I probably had pink eye.  I returned home that night and John wouldn't look me in the eye out of fear that he might catch it (he also gave me the name Contagion) and reminded me that I could sleep in the bed in our basement.  Hmph!  I ended up sleeping in our bed (darn it if that stupid goopey eye was going to keep me outta my own bed!) and resolved to go to urgent care the next day (with two toddlers in tow, mind you). 

ANYWAY, long story short (kind of) is that I am SUPER THANKFUL for modern medicine!! Like, thank you Lord, for whoever created the eye drops that have now cured me.  They started working almost immediately!  Like within the hour of the first drops goop started drying up, I started to not look like a crackhead (bloodshot eyes, crackheads totally have bloodshot eyes, right?) and I could see clearly again!!  I would post before and after pictures but (1) I'd rather not make appearances in your nightmares and (2) I didn't take any (surprise).

Thankful 2: I am so thankful for chats with my Momma!  We talked for 2 hours this morning!  2 hours!!  And yes we talked on both Thursday and Friday.  This morning we got into deeper discussions like healthy foods to eat, what we're wearing to upcoming events, gas prices and whatnot.  Seriously, does it get much better than chatting with your mom on a Saturday morning/early afternoon?  I sure do love that woman and the plethora of stuff we have to talk about.

And the last thing I'm thankful for is WARM WEATHER Y'ALL!!  Thank you Lord it is finally warm here!  You just can't put words to walking outside at night in this far away land (yes, Pittsburgh, PA qualifies as far away) and feeling like you're at home because it's actually warm and you're not wearing a parka to make it that way.  I love that warm, humid (it's only kinda humid here, I mean come on) air.  Pure bliss.


katie said...

I'm thankful for you! And that your pink eye is gone!

Heather said...

Umm yeah, I've gotten pink eye as an adult. It comes with the territory of being a mom to people 2 feet tall or shorter. Wanna know what's worse? Trying to put said eye drops into squirming, practically possessed 3 year old. Not fun! Glad you are HEALED.