Monday, February 13, 2012

grammy recap

I enjoy DVRing awards shows so that I can watch them the next day without commercials, acceptance speeches from artists that I don't care for and performances for artists I don't care for (side eye: Chris Brown).  It's really the best way to go.  So here are some of my fave performances/moments from the Grammys:

  • Taylor Swift's performance (didn't really care for the outfit but whatevs)
  • Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys' tribute to Etta James
  • Jennifer Hudson's tribute to those who have passed away in the last year
  • Tribute to Glen Campbell
  • Beach Boys montage
  • Reba (love her!) introducing Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean
But my FAVE, FAVE, FAVE performance was Adele.  I mean that woman is AMAZING!  She has a magnificent voice and is so beautiful!  If you haven't listened to anything by Adele you should start now.  This is my fave song by her, it's so powerful.  Love her :)

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Jen E. said...

I agree, I used to watch them live, and now that I have little ones it is not an option. I'm finding out I actually like watching them DVR'd the next day MUCH better tho!

I've loved Adele for a few years now and I'm SO happy she is getting the recognition (and awards) she deserves!

My fave performance of the night was a tie between J Hud and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift was adorable and she proved she can kick it with a Banjo. Loved! Also I'm probably in the minority because I loved her dress (as well as her musicians) but I know what ya mean it wasn't exactly chic but I thought went along with the flavor of the performance..:)