Monday, October 11, 2010

things that are awesome:

  1. Mediterranean food, have I mentioned that I love this stuff??
  2. Ear Wax candles...yes, I know it sounds weird but it totally cleans your ears out so you should check it out: Wally's Natural Candles
  3. Outlet shopping
  4. Spending time with my two favorite women in the world, my mom and Katie
  5. Outlet shopping with my two fave women in the world (!!!!!) by the way, can you tell that my mom and Katie visited this past weekend? Ok good.
  6. Thai Food, for you Pittsburghers please visit: The Silk Elephant for a lovely, tasty experience
  7. Girls' weekends
  8. Good deals on clothes, accessories...well basically everything
  9. My best friend from forever (read: Ginny) visiting me in a few days!
  10. Pumpkin spice lattes


Mom said...

It was an awesome time. Great food and wonderful shopping. Awesome company...and a little chocolate covered pumpkin truffle. Who would have thought?

PamCakes said...

Jess - I love pumpkin spice lattes too, but I recently discovered how AMAZING the pumpking coffee at Dunkin Donuts is! (PLUS It's cheaper and less calories)

katie said...

i think all those things are awesome too! yay!!! i love you!!!