Thursday, October 7, 2010

a few new bloggy blogs

Since it is still raining and gloomy I'm over Langston Hughes' poetic ode to rain so I decided to google "pretty things blog" because surely there has to be a blog with pretty things on it which will in turn provide me with positive, happy thoughts. Well lo and behold I found this little gem:

Pretty Little Things
their subtitle is: "because everyone needs pretty things" and you know what I couldn't agree more! So then that led me to this blog:

Healthy Food For Living
which I totally dig because not only did my mouth water at the first picture posted but I'm always inspired by new, tasty, healthy recipes...sometimes they seem hard to come by. So then that led me to this blog:

How Sweet It Is
And not only does this chick love Sweet Baby James (apparent in the blog title), she loves to eat (!), loves to be healthy, has sweet recipes posted but she also lives in Pittsburgh! What?? I am making it my mission to hunt her down so I can be friends with her! I mean she seems real cool and maybe, just maybe I could show up in a food photo that she posts, ha!

You should probably check these places out, I'm just sayin'...


Pallas said...

I am all about gluttony...her recipes look awesome!

Cynthia said...