Wednesday, May 5, 2010

more goodness

"And we need to be Christians first—in our politics, in our actions, in our theology and in our worship. We need to make everything else secondary. Instead of trying to transform Jesus into someone who looks and acts like us, we need to be transformed into someone who looks and acts like Him. It’s not about getting to heaven or bringing heaven here to Earth. It’s not about a one-time conversion experience or being raised in faith from a young age. It’s not about being predestined or choosing faith. It’s about being open to follow Jesus where He will take us. It’s about being humble enough to learn from the way others follow Jesus. We all have different experiences of faith, and there is much we can learn about Jesus from those we encounter on the journey. But if we don’t walk in love—the kind of love that is kind and patient and humble—then we will miss out on all the things Jesus wants to show us

I need to make this my mantra.

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