Tuesday, May 18, 2010

am i really watching this?

Why yes, yes, I am. Am I embarrassed to admit it? A little. John watched White Fang last night and of course I got sucked in because there was a cute puppy in it (darn you bleeding heart!). Then John reminded me that I needed to go to bed since I'm an adult and have a real job. Now he turned on this dumb sequel and yes, I'm watching it as I type. Side note: I totally attribute this habit to my father. Anytime a TV show or movie is on (whether he enjoys the film or not and regardless of how tired he is) he gets sucked in. I have totally inherited this. And yes, my husband makes fun of me for it. As far as me recommending this movie...no I don't. The only upside to it are the cute dogs but you can simply fulfill that desire by looking at the pics below.


Anna said...

Ummm...there was a sequel? Excellent! Might I also recommend Iron Will, there are cute dogs in that one too (though maybe not puppies)

Heather said...

Wow that's sad. Cute dogs, but sad habit. :)