Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I shall nickname Dixie AAH for Anxious Attention Hog. Since I have come home today she has been all up in my business. Stepping on my laptop. Stepping over my laptop so that her body blocks the screen from me. Stepping on my phone as I text others. Yes, she's 52 pounds and no, she doesn't care that she's two cell phone stand offs away from breaking my wrist.

Her beloved ball was caught between the power strip and the wall (where she could not retrieve it, despite her anxious stabs) and she literally circled the room whimpering and whining until I looked up from my computer to see what the dilemma was. Now she is going crazy barking at the neighbor who is innocently mowing his lawn. Too bad he didn't know he lived beside the junk yard guard dog.

Geez...she better be glad she's so darn cute or I would not be happy with her. Here's to a night of barking, wrist breaking, computer screen blocking, and whimpering (crap, I'm out of wine).


PamCakes said...

Hahaha... love it Jessi!

katie said...

Hahah dixie is such a spaz head. I think/know she has dog adhd