Saturday, May 22, 2010

19 minutes

Another must read from the Jodi Picoult collection. Very, very good! Right now I'm reading Handle With Care by JP...she's my new addiction. Next is My Sister's Keeper (if they have it at the library when I'm there). You truly know you're a book addict when you cannot wait to get in the car to listen to the book and then say a little prayer that your trip will take longer than usual so that you can listen to the book even longer. Seriously, I think there's something wrong with me.


Cynthia said...

You will love My Sister's Keeper. I truly enjoyed Change of Heart and I tried to get Emily to take it. She said she's NOT going to read Jodi Picoult so I'm boycotting Francine Rivers. Ha!

jessi said...


Anna said...

I'm also reading Handle With Care! How have we not discussed this?! Also, I want to read 19 Minutes; my friend Meg says it's her favorite JP book:)