Thursday, May 13, 2010

makes ya think...

I stumbled across this article while perusing (my new favorite website, obviously) and it piqued my interest. I've always been against pornography whether it be my (sometimes) modest nature, Christian beliefs or feminist ideals. I just think its wrong on a number of levels. But I've always thought of pornography as sexual pornography...I've never thought of it like this:

The Dangers of Emotional Pornography

But it explains some of the thoughts I've had. Of course I love The Notebook, what a great romantic novel and movie but I always left feeling like "oh I don't have that" or sometimes I'll think "oh man why doesn't John re-do a house for me, write me love letters everyday and think of me all the time". Well, newsflash, he's a human and that isn't normal. Now I'm all for expressing your love, but I'm also all for people realizing that we don't live in a fairytale, this is real life. And I'm writing this to you as a woman who struggles with that realization almost daily. John will never be Noah or Danny (from Grease) or Prince Charming. He's John. He's normal. He screws up and so do I. And that's why I love him. Mental note to self: Make this your daily mantra. Hope you like the article :)

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