Monday, April 19, 2010

i love country music!

When I was a girl I LOVED country music...Reba, Tim McGraw, Garth, Brooks & Dunn, and Alan Jackson were a few faves of mine. Then I went through my hip hop phase (who am I kidding, I will never exit that phase) but I was in a phase where I thought "ughhh country music blahh" and I hated when John played it in the car...blah. Well, its funny when you're removed from a place (the South), you begin to miss it a lot (duh) and you love anything that reminds you of it. Well for me that was country music, and it has been slipping into my music repertoire ever since. Last night Anna joined me to watch the ACM awards which were awesome! And we were both able to place faces to the artists that we love on the radio. Here are a few of my fave moments of the night and a few song suggestions:

Carrie Underwood after she won Entertainer of the Year (love that dress!)

Lady Antebellum, a new (to me) group--great voices and brought home quite a few awards

My girl, Taylor Swift, looking fabulous, as always

And last but most definitely not least, my girl REBA....loooooooove that dress!!

And here are a few songs I HIGHLY suggest:


katie said...

hahah i'm glad you're in to country now...i feel like you will suck me in to, which is ok because i already love t-sweezy (theres the hip-hop for ya)

Crystal said...

Josh Turners looks and voice make me melt too... :)