Sunday, August 4, 2013

day 3: Memphis to Dallas

We left Memphis in the morning and had a boring drive across Arkansas, not much there at all.  Except for when we saw a FedEx truck weaving over the lines of his lane of traffic.  He was ahead of us and we chose to keep a safe distance behind him.  After he made a few cars swerve off the road/into another lane we decided to call highway patrol.  Apparently, someone else called before us and they were on top of it.  The next thing we know a highway patrolman pulls out with his lights on and rides behind the truck for 10 miles!  The truck would not pull over and continued to swerve all over the place with the patrolman behind him.  He eventually pulled over and I was dying to know what was going on.  However, we weren't able to tune into the local Arkansas news later that night because we would be in Dallas.  It shall remain an unsolved mystery.

John drove the whole way (around 6.5 hours) so we could make it to Dallas for the Rangers game.  We made it in time!  However, we were greeted with rain and high winds, and the game was eventually cancelled.

John and Tom (his friend from high school)

This was a huge bummer since it's been one of John's lifelong dreams to attend a Rangers game at Rangers Ballpark.  So we decided to go out with friends afterward (Tom, his girlfriend and Paula, one of my college roommates) to Craft and Growler which was a really cool place.  It was really great to spend the little bit of time we had with great friends.  (Thank y'all for meeting up with us and hanging out!)  We stayed at Tom's house that night and John decided to go to the Rangers game the next day.

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