Friday, August 2, 2013

day 2: Oak Ridge to Memphis

We started the day by packing up the car and heading to a place where we could print, sign and send off documents in order to make an offer on the house we want in MD.  We stopped in Kingston first and when that didn't work out we went to Nashville in search of a Kinko's.  Spent the better part of an hour printing, signing and faxing documents.

FINALLY we were on the road to Memphis with no stops.  Arrive in Memphis around 4.  Check into a hotel, that John booked literally right before we drove into the parking lot.  Nice place.  John finds out that we need to sign more papers so I go to the work center downstairs and print the documents.  I return and the lady working at the front desk says she can fax them for us.  While we're waiting on the fax I chat with her and she recommends Blues City Cafe for ribs.

We make it to Beale St. and it's pretty amazing!  So much energy.

 Beale Street

We obviously go right to dinner at the above mentioned place.  The food is INCREDIBLE!!!  I mean I was closing my eyes while eating so I could enjoy every little morsel.  Delicious! 

 Dark picture of my delicious rib dinner

Then we wander around Beale St. looking at stuff.  That's when I find my Johnny Cash/Elvis t-shirt and HAVE to have it.  John finds a t-shirt he wants too.  We go to a bar to enjoy drinks and live music.  At the end of the night we return to the hotel to rest.

 my new t-shirt that I love!

us at the end of the night

Tomorrow it's Graceland first thing in the morning (opens at 9) then off to Dallas.  We'll be going to the Rangers game tomorrow night with a good friend of John's from high school (Tom) and some of his friends.  Also, Paula is joining us to keep me company at the game!  It will be fun!

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Miranda said...

Jessi this is so awesome!!! I'm so happy for you and John!!! You guys have done some incredible things. Where at in Maryland are you looking to buy a house? I will definitely be keeping up to date on your adventures! Love and miss you!