Thursday, August 1, 2013

day 1: NC to Oak Ridge, TN

We arrived in the late-ish afternoon and spent some time catching up over the past week with Gary and Kathy.  I took a nap, shocker.  And John unpacked the car.  Kathy made a low country boil and I ate more than my fair share of that stuff!  Later John and I unpacked our backpacks and repacked them so that we could get comfortable doing it.  Shockingly, it didn't take me a long time to repack mine.  Here's to hoping that continues to hold true.  In a week I will be getting ready to be on the trail, eek! 
John was busy with house stuff during the night because we're trying to put an offer on the house but we were able to get a hold of the inspection and some things needed to be fixed.  I went to bed a little after midnight.

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