Thursday, September 1, 2011

apparently, life turns to c-r-a-p when John is out of town.  See, John is in Boston for a "convention".  I really think he created the convention as a ploy to go see the Rangers/Red Sox game, see his friend Scott play some golf (yes, it's his grown-up job, how awesome is that?!) and visit a few friends from high school.  I'll believe this whole convention mess when I see the t-shirt, mm hmm.  As for me, well, I turn into a worthless pile of mush while he's gone.  Who knew?  Certainly not me, seeing as I enjoy my alone time very much.  Let's paint a picture, folks.  Since Tuesday morning:
  1. I haven't had a legit dinner.  Cereal.  Nachos in the toaster oven.  C-r-a-p.
  2. It has taken every ounce of my energy to straighten up around the house (my fam is coming tonight!).  Not hardcore cleaning, just simply making beds and folding clothes here, people.
  3. I lay around on the couch acting sullen and hopeless, mostly because I can't find anything on TV to watch that interests me.
  4. I also can't be bothered to read a book for entertainment (what the what?! when has this ever happened?).
  5. I have to push myself to take Dixie on a walk, and it's mostly guilt driven since she's been cooped up in the house while I'm at work.
  6. I have called my sister no less than 94 times so I have someone to talk to.  And you might be thinking "aww, well you could've called me" but the answer is: no, you don't want me to call you because I can't form complete thoughts or sentences.  Last night I called her at 10:36 p.m. and instructed her to "entertain me".  She hates me.
So that's pretty much it.  I'm worthless and super needy when he's gone.  Which is news to me seeing as when he is home he's usually super busy researching/doing other stuff for school/playing inter-mural sports/water skiing.  I guess I'm just a gal that needs to live with someone (who can talk, no offense, Dixie) in order to be a productive member of society.  I realize he hasn't been gone longer than 2 days and this seems a tad dramatic but this is my life.  Thank the Lord my family is coming in tonight.  Who knows what would become of me come next Tuesday.  Yikes.


katie said... are ridiculous. I'm glad we could save you from yourself

ABby Lashley said...

My daily life at my apartment when no one is here...tonight I could have cleaned, painted, done dishes, whatever you want to insert as productive...but I slept from 6:30-10:45pm. Meh.