Monday, July 11, 2011

running high

So today I pushed myself to run just a little bit longer than I have recently.  I have somewhat abandoned the plan due to the shin splints and what not.  But the good thing is I got the general idea and have adapted it to what the ol' legs can handle.  I've learned that while running I envision what my next blog post should be about.  So here we go...

Reasons why you should not ever run with me:
1. I sometimes dance while running.
2. I look like I am continuously running under a waterfall judging from the amount of sweat I produce.  Gross.
3. Almost the entire time my face is the color of a beet.
4. I can't run straight, I am always running off to the side of the treadmill or running on the hard plastic part above the band.
5. I sing and sometimes fist pump for extra motivation (also see #1).

Also, if you're running or whatever you do to work out, Born This Way by Lady Gaga (see previous post) is a great song to run/work out to!  It gets me pumped up and I really feel great about myself.  Thanks Gaga!

1 comment:

D said...

I will never need reasons to not run with you.....however I'll walk with you any time and every time!!! (Yes a double negative sentence)