Monday, July 11, 2011

holy glitter batman!

So I bought these shoes yesterday!!

I know, right?!  How incredibly fabulous!  So here's their story:  I was entirely frustrated at Kohl's for their lack of sales in certain items that I needed and I was also bored at home so I decided to browse the store a little longer.  I wandered over to the shoe section not expecting to find anything and while perusing I see this pretty little things across an aisle.  I put back the shoe that was in my hand and walked over to these things in a trance-like state.  I had to put them on.  They fit and they didn't kill my feet (immediately).  They were half off.  My anniversary is coming up.  I need something pretty to wear.  I clearly have nothing pretty to wear so I must buy something.  I have weddings coming up (next year) that I can wear these to.  John will surely have a winter formal where I can wear these.  Oh yeah, did I mention they were only $27.99??  Why was I putting this much thought into them you may ask?  Because I'm that cheap.  Luckily I was in my right mind and put them in my shopping bag immediately.  After purchasing them I replayed the dilemma on the phone to my sister.  She quickly reminded me that anything under $30 is not a splurge.  Well said sister.  Oh and btw, don't tell John about these, I'd like to surprise him with the sheer fabulousity (yes it's a word) of them when we go out this weekend for the ol' anniversary.  K, thanks.


Heather said...

Ok WOW those are some jazzy shoes, but even bigger WOW to the price tag. LOVE a good bargain! Did I mention I found a totally awesome lamp at Kirklands for $37 (originally $100). Yeah I was in love with it for three days and almost let it sleep in my bed instead of Patrick. Like I a good deal.

Anonymous said...

hahah wow....and somehow I just don't think John is going to be in a trance like state from their sheer fabulosity. But the are Gorgeous!

D said...

I agree on the "anything under $30 is not a splurge"! Sometimes there just can't be too much glitz in the world, so just look at this as doing your part for society! You're welcome! : )