Monday, July 11, 2011

just go with it

So we watched this this past weekend.  I figured it would be hit or miss.  Adam Sandler ain't what he used to be, ya know?  BUT, I have to say that the movie was very funny and really cute!  I liked it a lot and definitely recommend it (we Redboxed it) for a cute, funny movie.  Oh and John and I both agreed that Jennifer Aniston still looks better than the younger gal in the movie, even though she has 20 years on her.  She's just gorgeous, right?


Monica Whitney said...

I guess I know what movie we are redboxing this weekend!

Ask the Duplex

Anonymous said...

yes! so glad you saw this! I wanted to rent it from redbox...but didn't know if it was worth it, I mean I do love rachel karen green and canteen boy