Sunday, April 7, 2013

langhorne slim & the law

I told y'all I'd give you a little more info about the band I mentioned a few posts ago (Langhorne Slim & the Law).  I am so glad that I went to the show because I knew I would like it but I ended up LOVING it!  The band has such great energy and the music was incredible!  There was a good variety amongst the songs, none of them sounded too similar.  I was able to talk to the lead singer afterwards and he just seemed so nice and down to earth.  And of course, my friend Billy is their touring manager which is amazing and makes me like them even more.  If you're looking for some new music I suggest you buy their CD or download their album, you'll be happy you did.  Here's some of my favorite songs...

This song has kind of a hippie feel to it, which I love, I want to like walk around in fields of wildflowers while listening to it :)

Thing song reminds me of what a present day Elvis might sound like (of course I love that):

And then I loved this one because I just thought it was haunting and beautiful:

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