Sunday, April 21, 2013

dr. kelly

I am thrilled to announce that  John has completed his PhD!!!!  That's right, I'm now married to a doctor :)  I am so incredibly proud of him! 

This actually happened a week ago and life has just now slowed down enough for me to sit and write about it (sorry for the delay, but if we're friends on Facebook then you learned about Dr. Kelly soon after I found out). 

It's crazy to look back and fully grasp that he's finished.  That our time here is done (well, in about a month).  That all of those ridiculously long hours, sleepless nights, time with each other sacrificed, homework, teaching classes, projects, papers, endless hours of research have all paid off.  I don't think I've even been able to slow down enough to process it all.  But what I can say is that I'm ridiculously proud of him and what he's accomplished.  I cannot imagine being that dedicated to something in the academic world.  To push through all of those years of work and study is truly an accomplishment.  But somehow "accomplishment" doesn't even do all of that effort justice.  It's more like "huge honor, award, superstar, way to go you're amazing and dedicated and really awesome!!".  Clearly we see who the more academic one in this marriage is :)  My excitement translates into smiles, bear hugs and shouting my pride from the rooftops.  So I think I'm going to keep doing that until I feel I've sufficiently shown him how proud and happy I am.  And probably embarrass him in the process but who cares because my husband is now a doctor!!!

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