Saturday, November 3, 2012

i'm baaaaaack

I have a computer!!  Yippee!!  I feel so connected now, phew!  I've already trolled facebook, various blogs I follow, Dog-shaming and I've updated my status on Goodreads. There's a lot of stuff to take care of on the internet, people.  With that said, it was refreshing to not be connected to anything  (while I was at home I was not connected, I used an iPad at work for emails and occasional facebook checking) for a couple of weeks.  But now I'm back.  And here's what I have to say:

This show is amazing!  Country music, drama, Nashville, enough said.  I am hooked.

We watched this last night and it was great!  Acting was great and it was super dramatic.  I highly recommend it.

Currently reading this book and loving it!

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