Sunday, February 9, 2014

day 29: Pasadena, CA

**I am attempting to re-start our road trip journal since one of the main reasons I kept the journal was to post it to share with family and friends, here we go...**

On this day, Kyle and Colleen had to go to work so we hung around the house, took showers, washed our hiking stuff, relaxed and researched our upcoming trip to Napa/Sonoma Valley.  John went to pick us up some burgers for lunch from a restaurant called Rounds, they were so great! Mine had mashed avocado, bacon, cheese and 1000 island dressing on it, delicious!  Kyle came home early and hung out with us for a bit.  I was able to talk to my dad and sister for quite awhile on the phone which was nice.

This day was pretty uneventful, which was really good so that we could just relax.  When Colleen got home we all decided to go to Smitty's for dinner, a cute little place where they had previously had a celebrity sighting.  The food was good ol' comfort food.  I ordered chicken pot pie (it was huge!) and John ordered meatloaf, they were both really tasty!  Great place, great food.  No celebrity sightings this time, but oh well.  After dinner, we walked around a little more and went to this swanky little place on Cal Tech's campus.  It was a beautiful building, sadly I can't remember the name.  After that we returned to their house and went to sleep.

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