Saturday, February 8, 2014

28 years old and 28 weeks pregnant

I took this picture on my birthday a few days ago and thought I'd share it with y'all!  I thought it was kind of neat that I was turning 28 and I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant.  The pregnancy is going well, I went to the doctor earlier this week and everything is progressing along really nicely.  Healthy baby and healthy mama.  I'm officially in my 3rd trimester which kind of feels like the home stretch!  I can't wait to meet our boy! So here's some updates:

Cravings: the occasional BBQ chip binge, onion bagels and milk chocolate anything (not all at the same time though).  I've been eating a lot of citrus but I think that's mostly because it's the type of fruit that's on sale right now and I'm trying to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

We took a birthing class last weekend and I thought it would be traumatizing but ended up being only mildly scary. Honestly, I'm glad we took the class because I feel a little more prepared and like I have an idea of what to expect. Obviously, I have no idea what this labor and delivery will look like but I feel somewhat prepared.  

The baby's nursery is next on our to do list!  We're painting the walls green and will decorate with navy and white accents.  Lots of people have asked if there's a theme and there isn't, I just wanted to keep it as classic as possible.  We're almost finished fixing up our room so in the next week or so we'll start cleaning out his room (read:storage area) and get started. And yes, pictures will come one day, I swear! :) 

Hope y'all are doing well, thanks for being faithful readers!

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