Sunday, November 17, 2013

day 28: Pasadena, CA

Kyle and Colleen were so sweet and made us a huge breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs.  We ate so much!  It seems that large appetites follow the trail.

Since Kyle and Colleen had larger mirrors in their bathrooms I was able to notice the changes in my body.  It looks like I've slimmed down all over (I would later find out I lost about 15 pounds while on the trail).  My legs have more muscle tone and my waist and hips seemed to have slimmed down.

After breakfast we took our time getting ready, Kyle and Colleen took us to a French bakery where I got my first latte in over a month and we ordered tasty macaroons!  Yum!  John and I shared salted caramel, blackberry and raspberry, so tasty!  They they drove us around Pasadena and eventually  all the way to Rodeo Drive.  It was a lot of fun to see all the different places, California is so beautiful!  Oh and we stopped by Target so I could get some toiletries and a dress since all I had were trail clothes.  After that we returned to their home and they went to church.  We watched an Arrested Development episode on Netflix and hung out.  When they returned we went out for Mexican because I had been craving it on the trail.  They they took us on a tour of Cal Tech, where Kyle is a post doc.  What a beautiful campus.  The buildings are really cool and all of the landscaping was so gorgeous.  We returned to their house and were all exhausted so we headed to bed.

(Since we've been off the trail my feet have been extremely sore and have swollen up so that even my flip flops are tight.  It is really difficult to walk, I have to go at an extremely slow pace.)

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