Monday, November 18, 2013

baby update (17 weeks)

I figured y'all would probably like some baby updates so just wanted to let you know that today I'm officially 17 weeks along.  That means the baby is about the size of a turnip (5 inches long and weighs around 5 ounces).  Yesterday, I felt the baby move for the first time which was pretty amazing!  It was so slight I felt like I could've imagined it, it felt like a little bubble in my stomach.  But then the bubble moved around a bit in the same place a few times so I figured that was the baby :)  Today I took my first prenatal yoga class and it was a lot of fun!  A little tough (because I'm not that flexible anymore, just due to lack of stretching) but definitely fun.  The class ended with a breathing exercise that calms your body down and I think the baby really liked yoga because it started moving around a little bit during the calming time.  I couldn't help but smile while I was supposed to be concentrating on my breathing.  I feel extremely blessed to have a sweet baby growing inside of me, it is truly a miracle.  We should be finding out if Baby Kelly is a boy or girl within the next week, yay!  Fingers crossed that it will cooperate and not roll up in a little ball and hide from us.  Here's a quick picture of me after my yoga class tonight.  I swear there's a bump there, no matter how slight!  :)


Anna said...

YAY! Your baby bump is adorable!! Lots of love from Minnesota!

Heather said...

I see the bump!!! Yay! You look so cute and I loved prenatal yoga when I was preggo with Anna. Except I used a VHS tape (yes, I know!) in my living room. Can't wait to find out if the turnip is a boy or girl. :)Your nieces both say it's a girl because they want somebody to play with. I had to remind them they could play with a boy too-ha!