Monday, February 4, 2013

day 4: hope

Maybe you're wondering why I'm posting a picture of the month of June.  Well, some of you may already know but I'd like to announce that JOHN GOT A JOB!!!  Yay!!  I'm so incredibly proud of him!!  It's a great job and we'll be moving to the DC area sometime in the May-June time frame.  As a lot of you may know, Pittsburgh has not been my most favorite place to live nor has this been the easiest/best part of our lives together.  Granted, we have spent our first married years here, I've learned a lot and met some great friends but I am very hopeful to see what life will throw at us come June.


Jen E. said...

Congratulations! I've thought of you often since we moved away from Pittsburgh. (and ironically I miss Pittsburgh like crazy but you already knew that, ha!)

enjoy and I hope you will love D.C! Best of luck!! :)

PamCakes said...