Monday, July 30, 2012


So this summer has proved to be quite the busy one.  We just returned last night (after a 14 hour drive!) from Wisconsin.  Why were we there, you might ask?  Well we were able to witness the marriage of our sweet friends Anna and Matthew.  We had a fantastic time and boy do those Irish/Catholic/Midwesterners know how to put on a good party!  Thank you guys for having us, we feel blessed to have been part of your big day! 

But that's only the first part...I don't know if you've noticed but THE OLYMPICS ARE ON!  And yes, I'm an Olympic fanatic.  In that, I really enjoy watching them.  I honestly don't know anything about the Olympians (except Michael Phelps, because come on, I don't actually live under a rock) but I really love watching any event.  So yeah, any time I can, I'm catching up on the Olympics.  And it should surprise no one that I tear up during any given event because I get super emotional about all of the hard work each person has done to get to this point and I'm really proud of them, even though I don't know them.  Yeah, it's kinda weird.

Annnnnd....I'm gearing up to take another trip!!!  I leave on Friday, so I better start packing now!  I will try and post pics from our Wisconsin trip (we were able to stop in Chicago on the way there) this week before I up and leave y'all again.  Thank you if you actually still read this blog, I know it isn't consistent and probably not very interesting but thanks for being patient :)

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Francesca said...

I love reading your blog,I find it interesting and fun. keep on posting so I'll know what you are up to!! loves