Sunday, July 22, 2012

lately (with katie)

I haven't posted in awhile (minus the quote post) because my sister was here for a WHOLE WEEK!  Oh, we were busy doing this stuff:
  1. Attending a Death Cab for Cutie concert
  2. Getting manis/pedis
  3. Eating LOTS of Mexican food
  4. Watching movies
  5. Attending cookouts 
  6. Attending John's softball game
  7. Going to the pool
  8. Working (loose term)
  9. Going to a dueling pianos bar
  10. Drinking beer
  11. Drinking champagne
  12. Drinking margaritas
  13. Shopping
  14. Walking
  15. Hiking (yes! hiking...I know...)
  16. Watching Pretty Little Liars
  17. Watching Toddlers and Tiaras (And noooo don't worry my future unborn child will not be debuting in this...I'd like to not win Worst Parent of the Year Award.  But man, is this show entertaining.)
  18. Watching YouTube videos
  19. Dancing to anything on Katie's Pandora station of choice
  20. Discussing important life decisions and all that adult-like stuff
  21. Making/eating cookies
  22. Celebrating Christmas in July, holler!
We had a wonderful time together and I'd like to thank my sweet sister for making the trek up here!  It really brightened my scorching hot, dry summer.  Sank you!  I love you sooooooo much!!!

 Death Cab for Cutie concert

Drinking beer and eating french fries.  It's the life, really.

John's softball game.  We were totally cheering him on/taking pics with Katie's iPhone.

(All photos were graciously taken from Katie's Facebook account :)

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katie said...

love love love!! I had such an amazing time with you!!! Wish I was still there!! Love you!!!