Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that I love shopping? Ok, well I do. I love it a lot actually. Today I decided to end the work day early and browse the nearest Kohl's since a friend recently told me they had some great stuff on sale.

When I walk into a department store a sort of peace just rolls over me. It is a wonderful feeling. I feel relaxed and excited all at the same time. Man, I love retail! The clothes, the jewelry, the bags, the shoes, the housewares, I could go on forever! There were so many things I wanted to buy but I restrained and told myself I could by something if I absolutely needed it.

Then I went shopping with my friend Anna at the mall. I haven't been to a mall in months, it was so great to see all of the stores that I love and don't usually let myself indulge in! I am proud to say that I left the mall with a pair of earrings and a necklace. Wow. It wasn't easy folks. But, I'm planning another trip in my mind when fall comes...I mean who doesn't need new jeans, new bag, dresses, heels, boots and jewelry when the season changes? Hmm...maybe I should start moonlighting somewhere to support my love of retail...any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can control your habits. Love, Katie, and Sterling, and Marcel

Cynthia said...

I know what you mean! Not the "I love shopping" thing...I take it in spurts. But I've been feeling the Christmas shopping nudge lately!