Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sorry it's been awhile since an update but I just wanted to give a little report on our time in TN. We had a great time with J's family and friends! When we go we're able to see pretty much everyone, which I love! We got to spend lots of time with his parents, Heather and Patrick and precious Anna. I think each time I see Anna she is even more fun to be around, it's crazy how quickly she grows and I was so amazed by how smart she is. That girl could talk to you for hours and has a better memory than I do. It's always good to see family, even if it is for a small amount of time. John, of course, was able to ski on the lake and eat Big Ed's pizza (both a MUST when we are in TN). We also got to spend some quality time with both the Kelly and Moon sides of the family, so great to see ya'll! Thanks again for everything, we had a wonderful time!


Heather said...

She's still talking about you two! In fact your names (and Dixie) have been added to our recent sidewalk chalk drawings. Loved spending time with ya!

ABby said... look adorable in that pic Jes! Love that shirt and your hair! oh, and I love you too!