Saturday, July 17, 2010

things that are awesome

1. my new pillow
2. baking soda (it cleans my sink, freshens up any area and can help heal rashes)
3. baklava mixture at trader joe's (only $4.99)
4. mexican food
5. air conditioning
6. the joy that comes from a beautiful day + swimming pool + happy kids playing in water
7. 70-80 degree weather
8. lavender bodywash
9. how i met your mother (the TV series)
10. getting a shower at the end of a long, sweaty day


katie said...

1. Aww yay! Happy anniversary again!
2. I wouldn't know. Me don't likes to clean
3. Me loves my baklava
4. Umm duh. This has and will always be something you love
5. Amen sista
6. And cat tatoos?
7. I hate you a little bit
8. Mmm! I gots some of dat
9. Barney stinson = the love of my live
10. Or getting a shower right after leaving the beach...jealous much?

mom said...

Please remind me that Katie is in college.

Emily said...

Don't forget you! You are awesome and I love you!