Wednesday, April 2, 2014

update time

Holy cow, it's been almost a month since I posted last!  Time has been flying while we've been traveling, entertaining guests, fixing the house up, finishing the NURSERY, gathering every last little thing we might need for this new baby soon to arrive, working, and all the other day to day stuff going on around here.  So here's some updates...we'll start first with the shower my mom and sister threw for me in North Carolina (in February)!  Everything was so well planned, down to the last detail.  I felt incredibly blessed by all of the family and friends who took time out of their lives to come and celebrate our growing family.  My heart was (and still is) so full!  Here are some of the pictures from the event:

Banner that Katie made

Well wishes for the baby

Diaper cake made by Mom and Katie

 The spread

From another angle

cupcakes from my favorite Goldsboro bakery, Mickey's!

Beautiful fruit wreath made by Chef Katie

Cute little booties made by Mom and Katie.  Mints made by Aunt Cissy.

Best friend forever, Ginny :)

Sadly, the only picture I have of me and Mom on the day of the shower

And the only picture I have of me and Katie on the day of the shower

Lots of cute outfits for our boy!

 College and high school friends!

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