Monday, September 2, 2013

day 19: 10th day on the JMT, Vermillion Valley Resort to Marie Lake

(Sorry for the delay, I've been painting our kitchen for the past few days so it's been all consuming.  And our internet wasn't working for part of the weekend.  So here we go...)

Dan (another hiker we met at VVR) asked the night before if he could hike with us because he was a solo hiker and was looking for someone to hike with for part of the way.  We said sure.  We left VVR around 9ish but had to wait for the ferry and didn't hit the trail until around 11:20 a.m. (late!).

The spot where the ferry to VVR picks you up.  Dan is to the left and the other guy is a PCT hiker.

We knew this day was going to be bad because we had almost 10 miles uphill ahead of us.  The first ascent was Bear Ridge, 2000 feet in 1.5-2 miles.  Oh my goodness!!  So tough!!  And with completely full packs (due to our resupply of food)!  But we got through it, eventually.  I was incredibly thirsty during this climb and went through my whole Nalgene and some of John's. 

entering the John Muir Wilderness

beauty all around us

one of many streams

Then we descended 900 feet and finally found a place for lunch/refill water and rest for a second.  After lunch it was a slight ascent over the next 5 or so miles. Ahh!  My feet and back were killing me.  John was in front and was way faster than me and Dan.  Dan gave John the trail name "Navigator" because he always knows where we were going and what exactly is lying ahead.  Dan's trail name is "Vegas".  I think because he's going to a bachelor party in Vegas or something.  (Trail names are nicknames other hikers give you while you're out on the trail and a lot of the intense hikers use it as their actual name while they're out there.)

beautiful sunset on the Sierras (near Marie Lake)

incredible Marie Lake sunset

Anyway, up up up!  Finally around 7:30 we arrived at camp (near Marie Lake) and I thought Dan and I were going to pass out on the spot.  John had a lot of energy.  We set up camp, made our dinners and are now going to bed after a beautiful, short sunset.  Tomorrow...Selden Pass.

more Marie Lake sunset

Just look at the colors in that sky, amazing.

What hurts: feet, calves, back.  John is fine.

Our Marie Lake campsite (yes, I was very cold)

Total JMT miles: 100 (yay!)

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