Saturday, November 19, 2011

thanful 18

18. Today I'm thankful for Dixie.  I know I listed being thankful for her last year, so you can call it a repeat but I think it just means I'm double thankful.

Here's the latest Dixie story: John has been playing football with friends the last couple of hours.  I'm at home baking his birthday cupcakes.  I conveniently forgot cupcake liners when I went to the grocery store 1.5 hrs earlier.  I quickly set the alarm (yes, I'm a spaz), lock the door and dash to the car to make a quick trip for freaking cupcake liners.  While I'm in the store chatting on the phone with a friend I notice that ADT is beeping in.  I frantically click over and the sweet lady basically says that our "alarm has gone off and can she send the police?".  I'm thinking "umm I was in our house 3 minutes ago, what the heck" then I ask "can you tell me what sensor it was that set off the alarm?" to which she replies "the living room window".  Heart rate slows down a little and I tell her "oh don't worry about it, that's just my dog barking at the window, everything's OK, thanks".  Really?  I'm gone for 3 minutes.  She sets off the alarm barking at God knows what...probably a squirrel...or some leaves blowing through the yard.  When I get home I stare at her and say "way to go, champ" to which she ignores the jab and barks and wiggles wildly because ohmygodthankgoodnessimnotaloneanymore!  Neurotic.  For the remainder of baking time she randomly barks at the mailman/leaves/squirrels/neighbor sweeping porch outside like they're all aliens just waiting to attack our home.  Oh and she barks at me because she really really really wants a sausage ball (also for John's birthday).  But right now all of that just melts away because you really can't beat the feeling of a dog laying their head on your lap and wanting to be scratched when you sit down on the couch with your laptop.  Like, I type very quietly because I don't want her to jump up and leave this spot (which she has done at the point in the post...grrr...) because these times are few and far between and so precious.  Dixie, you make me so happy even though you are really super crazy.  I wouldn't have you any other way, precious girl. :)

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