Thursday, June 24, 2010


With our 2 year anniversary rapidly approaching I'm peeling through hundreds (well maybe not that many) of websites in search of a creative gift idea. And guess what I found...crap...well not literally but it might as well be. So the traditional 2 year gift is would think that would be easy, but its not. Since hubs is a cynic by nature and is not a huge fan of lovey dovey stuff its pretty hard to find an anniversary gift. The ideas that seem to be most common on these websites are: afghans with your wedding picture on it (really, ugh), bathrobes with your initials monogrammed on them, Egyptian cotton sheets, personalized pillow cases labeled "his and hers", and other cheesy sweatshirts and t-shirts. Seriously...the wedding anniversary market for male recipients could not be more limited. I can literally picture John's eyes rolling with every "suggestion" from these websites. If anyone has a good idea please email me....I'm begging you.


Mom said...

I have an idea. I will text it to you, but let me see if I can find it on the internet first

amanda.griffin said...

Jessi - I got Josh a Red Sox t-shirt (really romantic I know) but he loves them and really liked the t-shirt. I also have a husband who cringes at the lovey dovey stuff. Maybe get him a t-shirt or polo from his favorite sports team?

Heather said...

Ohh yes, you MUST get the afghan. LOL. Hmm, what about a nice dress shirt with his initials on the cuff? Not very John, but that's the best I got right now.